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The Library of Congress offers analysis tools for students and teachers.

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Analysis Tool for Students

Teacher's Guides

Bibliographic Organizer from The Library of Congress

Use this document to maintain thumbnails of images, descriptions, and URLs.

The National Archives also provides Analysis Worksheets

Analysis Worksheets developed by the National Archives staff.
external image pdf.png artifact_analysis_worksheet.pdf
external image pdf.png cartoon_analysis_worksheet.pdf
external image pdf.png map_analysis_worksheet.pdf
external image pdf.png motion_picture_analysis_worksheet.pdf
external image pdf.png photo_analysis_worksheet.pdf
external image pdf.png poster_analysis_worksheet.pdf
external image pdf.png sound_recording_analysis_worksheet.pdf
external image pdf.png written_document_analysis_worksheet.pdf

David Rosenbaum is their education specialist. This is his list of the Top 11 stops on the National Archive's website. external image msword.png Dave's Top Eleven Stops on Archives Website.doc
David Rosenbaum
Education Specialist
National Archives & Records Administration
Room G-27 NWE
700 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, D.C. 20408